Cosmin Obretin - voluntarul lunii noiembrie în rețeaua Y-PEER


cosmin-obretin-voluntarul-lunii-noiembrie-in-reteaua-y-peerUhuuuu! Cosmin Obretin, voluntar cu ștate vechi la Tineri pentru Tineri, a obținut titlul de voluntarul lunii noiembrie 2011 în rețeaua Y-PEER, din care și noi facem parte.

Dacă ați uitat cumva, el a fost voluntarul lunii iunie 2010 al Tineri pentru Tineri. Așadar, Cosmin este al doilea voluntar al nostru care obține acest titlu, după Adriana Dărășteanu, în septembrie anul trecut. Se vede că perseverența este răsplătită!

Iată câteva cuvinte direct de la sursă:

”He has the reasons to be POTM (November 2011) as he said:

“I believe that I have gained experience in the field of peer work and I have shaped an image of what means volunteering (not just for you but for the others too) to inspire other young people. The organized activities contributed in developing my personality and as a volunteer at Y4Y and Y-PEER, I have had the chance to work in high-schools and organize peer education sessions on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Family Life Skills related topics. In the same time, I have participated in numerous out of school/ outreach sessions, in parks, clubs, places where young people are used to spend time and to work at topic related theatre plays. I am also part of the team of editors having the main goal to promote the image of volunteering through articles, drawings, stories, websites etc.

The most significant activity I took part to was in 2010 when he was one of the volunteers who were at the sea side for the “HIV Prevention” summer campaign and I was able to reach in only two weeks  almost 600 peers.”

Mulțumim, Cosmin, pentru eforturile susținute și felicitări! Mult succes în continuare!